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  • kennet water

    Autotrol is a perfect fit for Kennet Water

    “In so many ways, Autotrol valves are the perfect fit for our customers.” So says Neil Grant, General Manager of Kennet Water, a leading manufacturer and distributor of residential softening systems in the UK. A chartered chemist, Neil has been in water treatment for over thirty years and knows the business inside out. He spoke to us about a business built on reliability, the peculiarities of the UK softener market, and why Pentair Autotrol valves have become a backbone of the Kennet Water product portfolio.
  • Romentino plant

    Behind every Pentair delivery is an amazing journey

    Join us on a voyage of discovery to the nerve centre of Pentair distribution at Romentino, Italy. When making a purchase, availability and supply play a crucial part in any buying decision. As consumers, we have all experienced a step-change in delivery services, where our orders arrive far quicker and more reliably than was ever possible just a few years ago.
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    Changes on Fleck 1600 brine valves

    1600 brine change
    As recently informed, we are working on a daily basis to mitigate supply disruption caused by the many global commodities and logistics challenges the whole industry has been facing since many months. We continue to search for alternative sources and different configurations, in order to minimize the risk of interrupting our deliveries as much as possible.
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    Pentair delivers European design for European needs

    european design
    Wherever you are in the world, tastes and needs vary. It’s as true in product design as it is in fashion. With a history of innovation, Pentair invests time and resource in designing products specifically for the European market. The Pentair European Product Design Team talk about the process, how they cater for local needs and how they collaborated with multi-award-winning Italian designer, Roberto Paoli, to create an iconic softener for the European home.
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    Discontinuation of Fleck valves 5810 and 5812

    discontinuation 5810 5812
    We will accept last orders for these products until December 31, 2021. These orders will be subject to longer lead times as we will schedule them in amongst other production demands. After December 31, 2021, we will take no further orders, and the valves will be discontinued.

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