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    Autotrol: A DNA of simplicity and reliability

    Miridon is one of the largest water treatment companies in Estonia. With a background in industrial water treatment plants, it recognised early the need for reliable domestic water treatment in a region associated with water high in iron and hardness. Residential water softening and water filtration became a target for the business. The company researched the valve market and quickly concluded that there was one stand-out contender for this new enterprise: Autotrol.
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    Pentair People: Herentals production team for WellMate tanks enjoy feeling the pressure.

    We wrote recently about the Pentair strategic decision to establish a production line for WellMate, its flagship pressure boosting vessel, at its tank manufacturing plant in Herentals in Belgium. The relocation had many upsides for European customers. These included a considerably reduced lead time for orders, more stock availability, better alignment with European Directives for pressure equipment and ultimately a lower carbon footprint as local manufacturing considerably reduces the emissions generated by shipping containers of empty tanks across the Atlantic.
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    New Welding Technology is Hot News in Pisa

    Ongoing plant investment improves reliability, speed, availability, accuracy and safety  Investment continues apace at Pentair’s Centre of Manufacturing Excellence with the recent arrival of new hot-plate welding machines. Commissioned to support the 2023 relocation of global Autotrol production to Europe, this new technology is proving transformational. But like any new machinery it has been subjected to the most rigorous validation before being pressed into service. Project leader, Marco Calatroni discusses the drivers behind the upgrade and the positive impact they are making for Pentair and its customers.
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    Herentals Quality Team never stand still

    Pentair are raising the bar for quality … again. In 2021 we talked to Lieven Wagemans, responsible for Quality Management at the Herentals factory, about the difference a customer-first mindset makes to overall quality at Pentair. The company was then celebrating 25 years of compliance with ISO 9001, the international benchmark for quality management systems. Two years on, we revisit those who maintain the highest quality standards and find they have not been standing still.
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    Autotrol Global Production Moves to Europe

    Few would argue that the Pentair Autotrol valve range is one of the most popular on the global market. For decades it has been central to countless residential, commercial and industrial applications for water softening and filtration. Key to Autotrol’s popularity is its simplicity, quality and reliability – all delivered at a price point that represents great value for water treatment professionals around the world.
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    WellMate now well made in Europe

    WellMate made in Europe
    Production of one of Pentair’s most popular tanks is about to commence in Europe. That will be welcome news to the many European customers of WellMate, Pentair’s flagship pressure boosting vessels. They will not only be able to get their hands on these tanks quicker, but the tanks will be tested to a higher level, their certification more aligned to the requirements of European markets and they will arrive with a considerably smaller carbon footprint. It’s a spectacular result for Pentair customers and underlines the company’s ongoing commitment to European manufacturing for European markets. We take a closer look at the rationale behind the move, and what it means for WellMate customers.
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    New manufacturing capabilities for our WellMate range in Herentals

    WellMate made in Europe
    Over the past few months, we have been working diligently to optimize our manufacturing processes and enhance our overall operational efficiency. In line with these efforts, we are pleased to announce the creation of new manufacturing lines in Europe for our WellMate range: tanks sizes from 60L to 150L (WM0060, WM0075, WM0120 and WM0150) sold in Europe will now be produced from our state-of-the-art facility in Herentals, Belgium.
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    Autotrol is a perfect fit for Kennet Water

    kennet water
    “In so many ways, Autotrol valves are the perfect fit for our customers.” So says Neil Grant, General Manager of Kennet Water, a leading manufacturer and distributor of residential softening systems in the UK. A chartered chemist, Neil has been in water treatment for over thirty years and knows the business inside out. He spoke to us about a business built on reliability, the peculiarities of the UK softener market, and why Pentair Autotrol valves have become a backbone of the Kennet Water product portfolio.
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    Behind every Pentair delivery is an amazing journey

    Romentino plant
    Join us on a voyage of discovery to the nerve centre of Pentair distribution at Romentino, Italy. When making a purchase, availability and supply play a crucial part in any buying decision. As consumers, we have all experienced a step-change in delivery services, where our orders arrive far quicker and more reliably than was ever possible just a few years ago.
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    Pentair People: Big tanks rest on the broad shoulders of the Structural Super Tanks team

    Supertanks team
    The Pentair plant in Herentals, Belgium is Europe’s largest manufacturer of plastic tanks. Whether they are blow-moulded or roto-moulded, pressurised or not, hundreds of thousands of tanks roll off the Pentair production lines every year. Standard tanks come in many shapes and sizes to fit a vast array of residential, commercial and industrial applications. However, away from the volume production lines Pentair is satisfying a large and growing demand for oversized, bespoke Structural Super Tanks.
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    Regulatory compliance is a priceless part of the Pentair package

    regulatory compliance
    Next time you purchase a new water valve, or install a new water softener, or maybe specify a new water tank, stop for a moment and take a closer look at the supporting documentation. Not the commercial paperwork or product manuals, but the part that is often ignored: the declarations of compliance and conformity.
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    Pentair People: Sara Basilicò, Residential Valve Area Leader, enjoys new challenges every day.

    Sara Basilico
    It is sometimes said, “If you want a job doing, ask a busy person.” One could add to this paradox, “If you want that job doing well, ask a busy Sardinian!”. The island is noted for a superb work ethic and ‘can-do’ attitude. Residential Valve Area Leader, Sara Basilicò from Sardinia brought those qualities to Tuscany when she joined the Pentair Pisa Manufacturing team in 2008.

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