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    Autotrol: A DNA of simplicity and reliability

    Miridon is one of the largest water treatment companies in Estonia. With a background in industrial water treatment plants, it recognised early the need for reliable domestic water treatment in a region associated with water high in iron and hardness. Residential water softening and water filtration became a target for the business. The company researched the valve market and quickly concluded that there was one stand-out contender for this new enterprise: Autotrol.
  • Pentair people wellmate

    Pentair People: Herentals production team for WellMate tanks enjoy feeling the pressure.

    We wrote recently about the Pentair strategic decision to establish a production line for WellMate, its flagship pressure boosting vessel, at its tank manufacturing plant in Herentals in Belgium. The relocation had many upsides for European customers. These included a considerably reduced lead time for orders, more stock availability, better alignment with European Directives for pressure equipment and ultimately a lower carbon footprint as local manufacturing considerably reduces the emissions generated by shipping containers of empty tanks across the Atlantic.
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