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Like you, we believe the health of our continent depends on reliable access to clean, safe water.


That's why our European team pour every ounce of passion, energy and know-how into helping you deliver on that promise.

Our European manufacturing plants boast the most advanced technology anywhere. And we constantly monitor thousands of water treatment regulators across the continent, so you, and your customers, are safe.


It's a fascinating story and one worth sharing. Enjoy the read.

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everpure anniversary 90 years
Everpure. 90 years of delivering water you can trust.

As Everpure celebrates its 90th year of success, we reflect on the legacy of a much loved food service brand. A successful brand is not just a name or a logo, but a shorthand for a ‘brand promise’. That brand promise is a reassurance of the value its customers can expect, every single time they purchase the product.  Those words must be matched by actions, years after year, or the brand will eventually fail. 

Kennet Water Pentair
Autotrol is a perfect fit for Kennet Water

“In so many ways, Autotrol valves are the perfect fit for our customers.” So says Neil Grant, General Manager of Kennet Water, a leading manufacturer and distributor of residential softening systems in the UK. A chartered chemist, Neil has been in water treatment for over thirty years and knows the business inside out. He spoke to us about a business built on reliability, the peculiarities  of the UK softener market, and why Pentair Autotrol valves have become a backbone of the Kennet Water product portfolio.

Water Treatment Components
coffee dripping into a cup
Business flows for UK Master Distributor Aqua Cure

Stuart Godfrey has just returned from The London Coffee Festival a happy man. The UK speciality coffee industry is flourishing and its demand for high-quality water is at an all-time high.

Ice cubes in a glass
Manitowoc Ice brings new opportunities for Pentair Foodservice customers

If you’re a Pentair Foodservice customer, then you’re already familiar with the best-of-breed. Pentair is delighted to welcome another iconic name to our thoroughbred stable; Manitowoc Ice. Like Everpure and our other industry-leading brands, Manitowoc Ice has long been at the forefront of innovation. Adding its world-leading commercial ice machines to the Pentair family complements our vision for bringing smart and sustainable water solutions to customers in Europe and around the world.

News from Pentair
Pentair Catalog
When less can mean more.

Portfolio optimisation at Pentair promises simplicity, opportunity and innovation for its customers. In manufacturing, as in life, some products grow and evolve. Others are gracefully retired, to be replaced or to make way for newcomers.

At the beginning of 2023, Pentair embarked on a structured programme of portfolio rationalisation. With its vast catalogue of components, this is no small undertaking. It has required years of planning to ensure that every small change is carefully considered, planned and implemented, so as to cause minimum impact and maximum benefit to customers.

Residential Systems
Water Treatment Components
Romentino plant
Behind every Pentair delivery is an amazing journey

When making a purchase, availability and supply play a crucial part in any buying decision. As consumers, we have all experienced a step-change in delivery services, where our orders arrive far quicker and more reliably than was ever possible just a few years ago.
Those expectations can only be met by advanced warehousing and logistics. As Europe’s major manufacturer of water treatment components, Pentair has invested heavily in its distribution centre at Romentino in Northern Italy. We paid a visit and met Operations Manager, Gianni Campi to discover an operation at the cutting-edge of warehouse technology.

Water Treatment Components
Made in Europe for Europe
Supertanks team
Pentair People: Big tanks rest on the broad shoulders of the Structural Super Tanks team

The Pentair plant in Herentals, Belgium is Europe’s largest manufacturer of plastic tanks. Whether they are blow-moulded or roto-moulded, pressurised or not, hundreds of thousands of tanks roll off the Pentair production lines every year. Standard tanks come in many shapes and sizes to fit a vast array of residential, commercial and industrial applications.  However, away from the volume production lines Pentair is satisfying a large and growing demand for oversized, bespoke Structural Super Tanks.

Water Treatment Components
Made in Europe for Europe
pisa plant
Regulatory compliance is a priceless part of the Pentair package

Next time you purchase a new water valve, or install a new water softener, or maybe specify a new water tank, stop for a moment and take a closer look at the supporting documentation. Not the commercial paperwork or product manuals, but the part that is often ignored: the declarations of compliance and conformity.

Water Treatment Components
Residential Systems
machine vision
Pentair People: Sara Basilicò, Residential Valve Area Leader, enjoys new challenges every day.

It is sometimes said, “If you want a job doing, ask a busy person.” One could add to this paradox, “If you want that job doing well, ask a busy Sardinian!”. The island is noted for a superb work ethic and ‘can-do’ attitude. Residential Valve Area Leader, Sara Basilicò from Sardinia brought those qualities to Tuscany when she joined the Pentair Pisa Manufacturing team in 2008.

Water Treatment Components
Made in Europe for Europe
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