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Like you, we believe the health of our continent depends on reliable access to clean, safe water.


That's why our European team pour every ounce of passion, energy and know-how into helping you deliver on that promise.

Our European manufacturing plants boast the most advanced technology anywhere. And we constantly monitor thousands of water treatment regulators across the continent, so you, and your customers, are safe.


It's a fascinating story and one worth sharing. Enjoy the read.

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man driving with coffee
Roger fuels up on coffee

Roger may not be a coffee connaisseur, but he knows what he likes and he can taste the difference. His expectations are high, yet realistic, about vending machine coffee. While it may not have the barista’s magic touch it still needs to be the real deal. After all, it boils down to just a grind of fresh beans and of course 98% water.

Pentair Moments
Softeners connectivity
New-look Pentair softener family

2022 saw the evolution of a new-look Pentair softener portfolio and one characteristic they have inherited is a strong talent for connectivity.  We examine how a pioneering approach opened new possibilities for both owners and sellers of the home water softener alike.

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van marcke
Smart softeners make smart business

Van Marcke is one of the leading sanitary wholesalers in West-Europe and unique in having a specialised water treatment division. In recent months, it has been busy working with Pentair to bring high-end connectivity to its customers and its business operation. Since May 2022, Van Marcke own-brand water softeners ship with WIFI built-in, offering added convenience and insight to their owners. 

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Hidro Water water treatment

For over a quarter of a century, Hidro-Water has been synonymous with quality, reliability and service in the Spanish water treatment industry. The company celebrated 25 years of growth in 2021 and shows no sign of slowing up. Hibernón Nogueroles Giner, CEO of Hidro-Water talks about the evolution of the business, the secret of its success and the important part played by key partners like Pentair.

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woman sleeping
Pentair Moment: sweet dreams soft water

Surprisingly, softening water makes sound sense for sound sleep. It not only makes your bed linen feel softer, it’s kinder to your skin, to your washing machine and to your purse. So, if you are struggling to get to sleep, have a think about some of the real benefits of installing a water softener in your home. It might make for some sweet dreams …

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Pentair Moments
pool night
Pentair Moment: Natalia enjoys a peaceful pool in the twilight

Time at your pool is all about relaxing, right? Whether that’s playing ‘sharks and minnows’ at the pool party or simply unwinding with an evening drink, a pool should be your faithful friend – always there for your moment of need.

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Pentair Moments
two people walking in a grass field
The sporting challenge that Pentair took up for nature and team spirit

From 16 to 27 June 2022, the Pentair Europe teams have taken up a challenge for the less physical among us: to walk a maximum every day while counting our steps with the help of an app.

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people talking while drinking water
Pentair Moments: George finds magic in a glass

The wisdom around staying hydrated is nothing new but advice has changed over the years. It has been variously recommended that an adult should consume between 1.2 litres and as much as 2.5 litres per day! 1 . But something on which all scientists agree is that hydration is vital and that it is better to drink little and often throughout the day 2.

Pentair Moments
connect my softener
Pentair ConnectMySoftener app provides valuable water usage insight and much more…

Smart apps which control connected devices can sometimes over-promise and under-deliver but here’s one that will not disappoint. The Pentair ConnectMySoftener app puts you in complete control of your home water softener and can potentially lead to significant cost savings over time. 

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