Aqua Europe choose Pentair Softena as its flagship softener

aqua europe softena pentair
aqua europe softena pentair

Aqua Europe choose Pentair Softena as its flagship softener

In 2022, Italian water treatment specialist, Aqua Europe, decided to add a new water softener range to its offering, one that would further consolidate its reputation for outstanding quality and service and to power its future growth.  

Aqua Europe began looking for  an appliance, preferably from Europe, with the latest style and ergonomics, a pedigree for high reliability and, above all, internet-based connectivity. It was a short beauty pageant and a clear winner quickly emerged.

Lorenzo Conti of Aqua Europe explains why the Pentair Softena was chosen and how it surpasses every expectation.


Softena IoT further differentiates the customer experience

“To understand why connectivity was so important to us, it perhaps helps to explain the Aqua Europe business model,” begins Lorenzo. “Our philosophy has always been to support our customers from A–Z. It’s in our DNA.  Rather than use intermediaries, we sell and install direct to our customers. That keeps us in full control of the price and guarantees that our value proposition remains intact and reaches our customers the way we designed it. Working with the customer, we select the right product for their needs, support them if required with a financial package to help with the payment, install the product and offer a service programme too. It’s a complete 360° service.”

Lorenzo’s role at Aqua Europe is searching for, identifying and selecting new products for the company’s portfolio for its three customer segments: residential, commercial and professional catering. Residential business accounts for 70% of the company’s revenue so choosing the best-of-breed water softeners is critical to the business. 

“We don’t fight on price – we offer the best possible product and service at the optimal price point. The great reviews and repeat business we receive vindicate this approach,” says Lorenzo. 

Selecting Softena as our high-end residential water softening range now gives us the opportunity to further differentiate that customer experience.

Wi-Fi connectivity offers customers extra peace of mind

Softena range

“The Softena high efficiency up-flow regeneration with proportional brining means it really stands out from the competition,” explains Lorenzo. “It provides exceptionally low rinse water usage per regeneration, giving up to 40% salt-saving compared to most softeners. Importantly for us Softena has Wi-Fi connectivity, offering remote monitoring and diagnosis via a Pentair app and portal. I have installed one at my home and haven’t been disappointed. This user app is well designed and provides so many useful insights on the softener’s performance and our water usage. So often, softeners are installed in closets, cellars or garages and users don’t have easy visibility of the interface. The app makes life much easier. From the comfort of the couch, they can review their water consumption, be alerted when salt runs low and see any performance issues in real time. 

But even better, we as the provider can be alerted too and remotely diagnose any issues or install any updates to the softener from a distance. ”

Soften IoT provides a winning combination of a great softener with a great app. And, while remote diagnostics can never completely replace field service visits, they are a superb complement that give customers that extra peace of mind.
dealer web portal

Softena key to future success at Aqua Europe 

Lorenzo sees the relationship with Pentair is going from strength the strength; “I view Pentair as a partner, not a supplier. To date, our typical consumers for Softena have been more tech-savvy homeowners or those dissatisfied with their existing softener. They often have high expectations and are willing to pay a premium. Softena being a Pentair brand helps. Pentair is a trusted and reliable name in European manufacturing with a reputation as an innovator.”

“Softena IoT has given great momentum to our sales, and we are extremely confident that it will be key to the future success of Aqua Europe,” concludes Lorenzo. “IoT softeners are ready. The market is ready. Homeowners are ready. There is no turning back.” 

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