Softena Multimix

Residential Whole Home Water Treatment

Residential Whole Home Water Treatment

Softena Multimix

A 5 in 1 system with high quality performances

Residential Whole Home Water Treatment with high quality performance for a better water over time. A 5 in 1 system that softens and filters your water, removing hardness as well as iron, manganese, ammonia and organic matter.

Softena Multimix
Softena Multimix

Our Softena Multimix (MMX) is water conditioning at its best, with one system providing five functions. Our Softena Multimix requires minimal maintenance while ensuring premium-quality, colourless soft water for consumption or sanitary use.

Features & Benefits

  • Multilingual, two-line, legible display
    User-friendly with the optimal legibility of settings and statistics
  • Easy programming with all settings, except hardness and time, factory-set
    Plug and play – pre-set to perform at its best
  • Separate salt light
    Simplified salt load operation
  • Integrated handles make for simple and easy installation
    Sideways cabinet design particularly suitable for installation where a small depth footprint is required
  • High efficiency up-flow regeneration with proportional brining
    Exceptionally low rinse water usage per regeneration leads to minimal salt consumption, with up to 40% salt-saving compared to standard softeners
  • Salt alarm
    Never run out of salt without noticing



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