Autotrol: A DNA of simplicity and reliability

miridon pentair
miridon pentair

A DNA of simplicity and reliability 

Miridon builds a residential water treatment business with Autotrol

Miridon is one of the largest water treatment companies in Estonia. With a background in industrial water treatment plants, it recognised early the need for reliable domestic water treatment in a region associated with water high in iron and hardness. Residential water softening and water filtration became a target for the business. The company researched the valve market and quickly concluded that there was one stand-out contender for this new enterprise: Autotrol

Autotrol simplicity and reliability are a winning combination for Miridon 

“It all started in 1997 and in that first year we assembled and sold just four softeners,” recounts Miridon Founder Partner, Mihkel Klaassen. “I believe those four softener systems are still running well now, thanks to the Autotrol!”

Today, Miridon employs a team of over 50 technical and sales personnel who serve the Estonian water treatment market. Residential and small business sales account for half of its business and that is almost all powered by Autotrol valves. The other half is commercial industrial applications.


“From day one we selected Autotrol for our residential applications because of its simplicity and reliability, and it proved to be the right decision,” continued Mihkel. “

The fact that 97% of our installations since we started in 1997 are still running is a testament to this outstanding product family. Few moving parts, great plastics, long warranty coverage and excellent customer service from Pentair. Why would we look elsewhere?

New Autotrol EiQ is a business enabler

Both customer service and connectivity are important to Miridon and reasons why Mihkel is very excited about the new EiQ controller for Autotrol. “In many ways, I see enhanced customer service as being closely linked with product connectivity,” he adds. “If you can remotely monitor a device, it opens many doors such as a more responsive maintenance programme and an improved customer experience.  The new Autotrol EiQ controller offers connectivity possibilities and much more.”

With such a reliable valve, there hasn’t been much scope for innovation but EiQ seems like a great enhancement for Autotrol and we are keen to add it to our customer catalogue. That said we are pleased that the core hydraulics of Autotrol will remain. As long as Autotrol keeps simplicity and reliability in its DNA, we won’t be looking anywhere else!
Mihkel Klaassen, Miridon

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