Pentair: Driving the Agenda for Water Treatment at Horecava


Pentair: Driving the Agenda for Water Treatment at Horecava

Discover Pentair Foodservice Solutions at Horecava 2024, 8–11 January, RAI, Amsterdam 

Over 60,000+ catering professionals will gather at Horecava in January with topics such as sustainability, innovation and quality high on the agenda. And, with water being a critical part of so many food service businesses, those topics are key reasons to visit Pentair on Stand #12.008.

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Pentair is one of the largest water filtration and treatment manufacturers for the global foodservice industry and the name behind iconic brands such as Everpure, Claris and Shurflo. At Horecava Pentair will be showcasing solutions that are helping businesses everyday to deliver on their sustainability goals, improve the hygiene of their water and win in the market through superior quality beverages.

Everpure EZ-RO makes its debut 

Those in the coffee business are aware their final product is 98% water so, for those wanting to serve the best possible brew across multiple sites, consistently high-quality water remains the holy grail. Many businesses have turned to Pentair Reverse Osmosis solutions to deliver. At Horecava Pentair will be unveiling the Everpure EZ-RO, the newest member of its filtration family. 

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This compact yet high-capacity system contains everything needed to reduce contaminants and protect equipment while outputting up to 60 liters of optimal quality water per hour. EZ-RO uses a system of scalable membranes and tanks so can grow with the business. Additionally, those high-efficiency membranes have been shown to save twice as much water as comparable RO systems – making a Pentair RO the more sustainable option.  

Everpure Precoat water treatment filters go above and beyond  

On the topic of sustainability, the drive to reduce single-use plastic bottles continues to fuel the demand for point-of-use drinking water dispensation systems. However, legitimate concern over microplastics in municipal water means that POU systems need to be safeguarded and Pentair has announcements at Horecava on that topic too. 

Pentair has been extensively testing its Everpure Precoat and Bacteriostatic cartridge filters to ensure that they meet, and exceed, the filtration levels required to remove microplastics from drinking water. At Horecava, Pentair will confirm that its premium Everpure filters, AC², 4C², MC² and XC² now conform to ‘NSF/ANSI 401 – Emerging Compounds/Incidental Contaminants’, the standard which addresses the ability of a water filter to deal with microplastics. 

These filters also feature AgION antimicrobial protection, which inhibits any potential bacterial growth, meaning that water they treat is as safe as it can be. This is particularly good news for manufacturers and operators of point-of-use and point-of-entry systems, where these Everpure Precoat filters are most widely used. You will be able to see the full range of Everpure cold-water filters at Horecava.

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Everpure Oxidice minimizes contamination risk 

Another must-see at Horecava is the Everpure Oxidice, a unique ozone generator designed specifically for disinfecting high-volume ice making machines. 


Without regular cleaning, ice machines can become a breeding ground for bacteria, mould and pathogens which can be harmful to your customers and disastrous to your reputation. Oxidice generates ozone which is an oxidizing agent far stronger and more effective than other disinfectants. It treats the air, water and surfaces of the ice maker meaning significantly less scrubbing of the ice bin, less possibility of contamination and zero risk of a chemical taste.

We look forward to greeting you at Horecava

At Horecava, the Pentair team will be headed up by Christopher Bailleul, who heads up Food Service Sales for the BENELUX region. He will be supported by Master Water Specialist, Ronny Billemon, who will be on hand to provide hints, tips and expert advice on all water-related issues. Christopher, Ronny and the rest of the Pentair team are looking forward to welcoming familiar and new faces at Horecava. We hope you can join them in Amsterdam!

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