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Ice keeps your food and beverage fresh. But what’s doing the same for your ice? Mold, mildew, and biofilm can form inside your ice machine, which is unavoidable. Even at cold temperatures, moisture creates a friendly environment for bacteria (not so nice for ice). Here’s the other kicker. Routine cleaning doesn’t stop biofilm from growing or coming back, and it takes time and money.

Oxidice takes advantage of a unique ozone disinfection process utilizing both aqueous and gaseous oxidation simultaneously to reduce contaminants and odors while providing high quality ice for you and your customers. Plus, it’s easy to install and adapts to virtually any size cube ice machine.

  • Reduces maintenance and downtime
  • Treats the entire ice machine
  • Fast and simple installation



Ozone is an oxidizing agent that can be stronger and more effective than other disinfectants. Ozone attacks biofilm at the molecular level, removing carbon atoms until the cell walls of the biofilm growth rupture. Any unused ozone will naturally revert to oxygen, leaving no residuals or harsh chemical odors behind. Oxidice uses this natural yet powerful process to sanitize on a multi-cellular level.

Technical characteristics

  • Certifications
    • NSF, UL, CE, UKCA
    • 5.59" H x 10.0" W x 3.83" D (14.2 cm x 25.4 cm x 8.6 cm)
    Ambient Requirements
    • 0°- 35°C; (32°- 95°F) 10 - 90% RH non-condensing
    • 90-230VAC/50-60HZ
    Ozone Output
    • 150 mg/hr @ 2.0 SCFH on ambient air
    • Up to 450 kg of ice per day.

Features & Benefits

  • Corona discharge technology generates on-site ozone
    Thanks to its high oxidation characteristic, it helps reduce the growth of bacteria, molds, yeast, and other contaminants
  • Diffuser stone brings ozone into water bubbling up out of it
    Treats both the water and the inner surfaces in the ice machine
  • No use of chemicals
    No pollutant by-product and nothing to refill or recharge
  • Variable ozone output
    Fit several sizes of ice machines without over/under ozonating

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