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Residential Water Softening


Premium, handy and connected  softener with its touchscreen display

High end softening performances with up to -50% less water and salt consumption


The Pentair Foleo Smart Softener is the best-in-class softener from Pentair. This superior, plug-and-play, system was designed and built around the concept of a solution, which performance would exceed high-end competitive products.

Foleo has a salt consumption that is reduced by up to 50% compared to other softeners on the market. It is compact and equipped with the most advanced valve technologies from Pentair. Its connectivity with the Pentair Home app allows users to get everything they need at their fingertips, such as alerts, salt reminders and water consumption data. Also, homeowners are able to find a professional who can remote monitor their softener for optimum performance over time. Besides the Pentair Home app, the Pentair Pro app allows professionals to be quickly in touch with homeowners. Pros are able to accept/decline remote monitor requests from users and have remote visibility on softeners’ statuses for more efficient customer support and unrivalled product maintenance.

Foleo is available in 4 sizes, for applications ranging from compact flats with a single occupant up to dwellings that can accommodate up to 8 persons.

Features & Benefits

  • Pentair Home connectivity
    Everything homeowners need at their fingertips such alerts, salt reminder, water consumption data and location of the closest professional able to monitor the softener.
  • Pentair Pro connectivity
    Provides Pros with all needed information about their customers’ water in one place, anytime, anywhere.
  • Touch screen 5800 XTR
    Information is displayed on the touch screen intuitively, simplifying users’ experience into the various set up steps
  • Up flow regeneration with blocked resin bed and variable brining regeneration
    Salt recharging intervals extended thanks to the economized brine consumption up to -50%
  • Integrated Stainless steel By-Pass, with a unique manual valve
    Simplified and faster initial installation on the inlet and outlet pipe connections : no more expensive complicate and cumbersome wall pipe bypass.
  • Smart tilting salt lid opening
    The ergonomic and easy to open salt lid transforms the salt recharge process from a painful operation into an easier and faster one
  • Scan & Service current features as well as future upgrades
    Augmented reality communication capabilities enabling users and dealers to retrieve system related information. Foleo is a “Scan&Service Ready” system featuring Bleam functionnalities
  • Automatic safety brine line valve
    No risk of water flooding
  • Removable salt compartment
    The supply of brine to the system is guaranteed and eliminates the risk to have a salt bridge being slowly developed. The removable salt compartment avoids condensation to come in contact with the salt, which is the major cause of salt bridge creation. The removable salt compartment simplifies the system’s cleaning process.


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Pentair Scan

Pentair Scan is the reference tool for actively assisting water treatment professionals with their day-to-day tasks: activating warranties, accessing to up-to-date information on our products, and full technical assistance, even when the device is offline.
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