Residential Whole Home Water Treatment

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Residential Whole Home Water Treatment

We all want clear, clean, high quality drinking water.

While every home is different, who wouldn't enjoy on tap, great tasting, odour-free water?


Our solutions suit the unique requirements of your house and remove unwanted chemicals and sediments at the point water enters your home.

This provides your family the ultimate in water quality wherever they are using it.

Water filtration

In view of groundwater pollution, what kind of water are we drinking from our taps?


Although it is treated bacteriologically by the treatment plants in order to make it drinkable, it often still contains many undesirable elements.

Iron, H2S, and manganese are a problem.

Whole Home

Brown colored water indicates the presence of iron or rust. Iron is an essential material, about 5 percent of the Earth's crust consists of iron and water pipes are often made of steel where rust in can occur. You would not want iron in your drinking water and certainly not in the washing machine.


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