Residential Water Softening

Residential Water Softening

Residential Water Softening

Water is never too soft

Out with the hard, in with the soft. Let Pentair water softeners put the shine back into life.

Your whole family will enjoy softer skin, silkier hair and luxurious laundry. Prevent hard water scale build-up, which is great news for your plumbing, appliances and your wallet.



Water Softening

Water softener systems are a simple and reliable solution for removing mineral salts from water, eliminating the limescale deposits that block pipes, make linen rough and damage household appliances. A softener system is an apparatus which, by means of a resin, causes particles of magnesium and calcium in the water to be exchanged for sodium. By doing so, the softener system provides the entire home with soft water which, contrary to popular belief, is perfectly drinkable and does not taste salty.


Installing a softener system is a lasting solution that can work for many years, as long as it is serviced once a year by a specialist.

How to soften your water?

Residential Water Softening

Hard water is the world’s most common problem. Most households are fed by hard water sources. That hardness is caused by the presence of calcium and magnesium, two substances which, like iron are an abundant material on Earth and that the water absorbs during its travels. Ferric Iron and sediment are visible and can be called Suspended Solids. The invisible hardness in water, on the other hand, is Dissolved Minerals, this can have a higher cost to maintain appliances and cleaning expense of removing scale. Whatever you need, Pentair can provide you with a solution to soften your water. Choose between cabinets and Bi blocks systems


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