Residential Under Sink Water Treatment

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Residential Under Sink Water Treatment

Water filtration can also be done under your sink!

Our under-the-sink solutions remove contaminates and makes water truly the best medicine.

Ground-breaking filtration technology uses a micro-pure membrane that has nearly six times the filtering surface area of carbon filters - that's a six-pack in one cartridge! Protect your family from harmful contaminants while saving you, and our planet, the cost of plastic bottled water.

Water filtration

In view of groundwater pollution, what kind of water are we drinking from our taps?

Although it is treated bacteriologically by the treatment plants in order to make it drinkable, it often still contains many undesirable elements.

How to filter your water?

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Whatever you need, Pentair can provide you with a solution to filter your water. Choose between our Drinking Water Systems and the Reverse Osmosis solutions below for a better water quality.


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