Pentair Moment: Natalia enjoys a peaceful pool in the twilight

pool night
pool night

Pentair Moment: Natalia enjoys a peaceful pool in the twilight

“The party went well, the children are asleep and the water is ours again. After the splashing frenzy earlier, the pool is once more calm and clear and I can’t believe how quiet it is. Jascha is fixing us a drink, the pool lights have just come on and I hear the cicadas singing. It’s my moment.”

Less stress, more chill time

Time at your pool is all about relaxing, right? Whether that’s playing ‘sharks and minnows’ at the pool party or simply unwinding with an evening drink, a pool should be your faithful friend – always there for your moment of need.

And while every pool needs a little attention, the balance should be firmly in your favour. A pool that is too noisy or too cloudy just isn’t doing its bit. Fortunately, pool technology never stops advancing and today there is a new generation of tools designed to help you enjoy your pool with the minimum fuss. Imagine a pool that is easy to run, highly efficient and blissfully quiet. If that sounds tempting, you need to be thinking ‘smart, sustainable pool’.

So what makes a smart, sustainable pool?

In a nutshell a smart, sustainable pool has equipment which puts you firmly in control. Equipment that will ensure you get the most possible use of the facility, every day, through the season. Equipment that is reliable, peaceful and will keep your pool in premium condition without the need for constant checking. And equipment that ensures your pool is not costing the earth to run in terms of water, energy and treatment products.

Whether you are upgrading an existing pool or planning a new installation, here are some key components that could impact the way you enjoy your pool time.

kids underwater in a pool

Silence is golden … and more efficient

“After the splashing frenzy earlier, the pool is once more calm and clear and I can’t believe how quiet it is.”

Natalia and Jascha invested in a variable speed or VS pump, and that is why their water is already clear again so soon after their children’s party.

kids jumping in a pool

Circulation is vital to your pool’s wellbeing, and the more times water passes through the filter the better that will be. That is the job of the pump and if there is one investment to improve your pool quality at a stroke it is a variable-speed pump. Operating continuously at a lower flow rate than a single speed pump, a VS pump regulates its motor speed according to the pool conditions in terms of temperature, filtration requirement, usage etc. The VS pump has been busy today dealing with the pool party. But a VS pump typically uses 70% less energy than a single speed pump and those savings can repay your investment over two or three seasons.

However, the main reason converts love their VS pumps is for the peace and quiet. There is nothing relaxing about the sound of a single-speed pump whirring away, while a VS pump is 75% quieter by comparison. You will hear the cicadas singing too.

Bring on the night – bring on the light

Now the water has cleared and the children are asleep. It’s your time and nothing sets the mood like lighting your pool. Not that long ago that meant an energy guzzling, expensive spotlight. Today, pool lighting can be more subtle, more sophisticated and cost a lot less to run. LED lighting has transformed the landscape for underwater lighting with a wide array of colours and effects to suit your every mood. Whether you are retro-fitting into an existing spotlight housing or designing your new pool from scratch there are plenty of sizes, intensities and colour options to literally ‘paint with light’. And with LED lights dramatically reducing energy consumption, it won’t cost a fortune to make your statement.

house at sunset with a quiet pool

If you have a moment …

Whether you want to lower running costs, reduce maintenance, improve the quality or simply crave the quiet life, check out the Pentair range variable speed pumps. And while you’re there, shine a light on Microbright, part of our range of brilliant LED pool lighting.

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