Pentair Moments: Niels dives into his pool for all seasons

man leaning against the pool
man leaning against the pool


Pentair Moments: Niels dives into his pool for all seasons

“My target is 40 lengths before 7.00 am. The days are warming up and so is my pool. There is no better workout to start my day. Thankfully I can now swim early morning and late evening, nine months of the year. To be honest, the renovations have given my pool a whole new lease of life – best investment ever”
Niels Rasmussen, Orthodontist and amateur triathlete


It wasn’t love at first sight, but Niels has learned to love his pool


Every morning, Niels pulls back the covers, jumps out of bed and dives in his pool. It used to be a summer-only routine but now his season runs from March to October, thanks to some wise investments he made last year.


Niels inherited a pool when he bought the property some years ago and when he discovered the running costs, he nearly filled it in. That sentiment quickly changed when he re-discovered the health benefits of swimming and saw his family enjoying it during that first summer so he decided to convert his tank into a smart, sustainable pool. With the help of his local specialist, Niels has transformed his pool from an expensive ‘nice-to-have’ into an affordable ‘must-have’. What have been the magic ingredients?


Don’t forget to cover up


“Living so far north, I cannot believe the previous owners did not even have a pool cover. A cover prevents heat loss, water evaporation, chemical loss and keeps leaves out of the pool. Needless to say, that was my first investment.”

pool cover


A heat pump means chill out – not chill in


man swimming

“A heat pump has been the real game changer. The pool had an old gas heater, but it was long past its best. We ruled out electric heating on cost, and solar heating on space, but when I had a demonstration of a heat pump at my local pool specialist my mind was made up. Today’s heat pumps are really efficient. Using the surrounding air to heat the water, ­they generate way more heat than the energy they consume. I opted for an inverter heat pump that silently ticks away, ensuring the water is at the perfect temperature, even on those chilly spring mornings. In fact, the Pentair InverTemp I chose is so quiet, at first I had to check it was still running! It’s fair to say that the heat pump has significantly increased our time in the pool without any increase to the running costs – a real win-win.”


Automation ­­­– let your pool take care of itself


“The heat pump came ready equipped with WiFi capability so I could control the water temperature from a handy app on my phone. That got me thinking about more remote control which led to another conversation with my pool specialist. That was a real eye opener, I had no idea just how much positive difference automation could also make to the running costs and maintenance of the pool. Initially, I had only been thinking about temperature control but a good pool automation is way smarter than just that. Again, we had a demonstration and selected a Pentair Maestro Automation system which was installed last season, along with a variable speed pump.

man lying on a deckchair


Investments in my pool are paying back dividends


“Since I made these investments in upgrading the pool, my running costs have dropped considerably, the quality of the water has risen, as has the quality time we spend using the pool rather than maintaining it. But best of all I’ve got my morning swim for more months of the year –which means I can ‘chill’ by the pool without being chilly in the pool!”


If you have a moment...


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