iPool synchronised swimming with Pentair


iPool synchronised swimming with Pentair


Danish Pool specialists iPool.dk find Pentair the perfect partner to fuel business growth.


Either the weather is getting warmer or the Danes are getting more hardy. Or maybe pools are becoming more accessible to the Danish market? Whichever, there is an increasing appetite for private pools in Denmark and that thirst is being quenched by iPool, one of the country’s leading pool specialists.


This second-generation business is built on experience and craftmanship but with an eye fixed firmly on the future of swimming pool innovation. Armed with lifetime of design knowhow, a team of expert fitters and a huge portfolio of Pentair products, iPool can provide anything from a simple pump replacement to a full, state-of-the-art swimming pool.


Emil Rohde, CEO at iPool, talks about pool technology, Scandi design and a special relationship with Pentair.


Turning pool dreams into reality.


Emil Rohde, iPool
Emil Rohde, iPool

It is over twenty years since Emil Rohde joined iPool, a company founded by his father. Today, together with his business partner Thomas Weng-Trolle, Emil runs a thriving business with a mission to ‘democratise’ pool ownership in Denmark.


“If we have one vison, it is to make pools accessible to more people” says Emil. “Yes, a swimming pool is thought of as luxury – to build and to run. iPool is here to change that perception. I am confident with today’s materials and technology, we can build affordable and efficient pools to suit any budget.”


It’s a bold vision yet Emil is confident on his goal and looks to the company’s relationship with Pentair to help fulfil on that promise.


Built by iPool, powered by Pentair.


“When my father started the business, design options were more limited and pool ownership was the preserve of the few. Today there are new materials for construction and so many options for pool systems, it has enabled us to really grow the market. Whether we are upgrading a pool or starting anew, we can customise to suit almost any requirement. That applies to the construction as well as the equipment.”


“What helps is the sheer breadth of product options available from our main equipment partner, Pentair. There is a Pentair pump, filter, dosing system, heater etc. for every need, whatever the size of the project. As such, we have built our business with Pentair – it is a part of our DNA. You would be hard pushed to find the quality and range of products, at a comparable price, anywhere. While there may be cheaper products on the market, twenty years of specifying Pentair has taught me that you go with the one that you can trust – I know I have tried them all!”

iPool installation at Næstved, Denmark
iPool installation at Næstved, Denmark


The heat is on.


In common with many parts of Europe, the pool market in Scandinavia is booming. Emil reflects on the challenges particular to his market.


iPool pool and plunge pool installation at Brønshøj, Denmark
iPool pool and plunge pool installation at Brønshøj, Denmark

“Although the temperature seems to be rising globally, Denmark can still be cool in the Spring and Fall. We seldom install a pool without a heater, and heat pumps have been transformative in our region. When I saw my first heat pump about 16 years ago, I felt the warmth coming from the inlet jets and recall thinking; “this is the new black – our business will never be the same”. We routinely fit Pentair heat pumps now – our customers just love them.  They are so efficient, and they have extended the pool season by a good six weeks at either end.”


“Denmark has some of the most stringent architectural and environmental planning standards in Europe, it’s part of the Scandinavian design ethos. Here, Pentair products help us again. With high-efficiency credentials, European design quality and environmentally friendly technology, its products tick all those boxes.”


A perfect partnership.


“Our relationship with Pentair is a true partnership, not just transactional. You could describe us as a ‘Pentair shop’. We invest time in educating customers and prospects on the ‘Pentair difference’. Just last month we hosted a workshop on ‘Getting the pool ready for Spring’. Pentair variable speed pumps were the hot topic and several customers placed orders there and then. In return Pentair look after us. Our team receive regular product training here and we are an Elite member of its PIP programme. It’s a great scheme that not only rewards our loyalty but unlocks additional product support, enhanced training and support for our local marketing activity too.

iPool customer workshop
iPool customer workshop


iPool and Pentair – sharing success.


“Thomas and I have big plans for our business, but we shall never forget our roots – great quality, personal service and delivering the optimal pool at a price the customer can afford. Those are values we share with Pentair which is why the partnership works well. We want to grow and diversify and in part we look to Pentair innovation to fuel that growth – our success is interlinked. Long may it continue.”


“We shall never forget our roots – great quality, personal service and delivering the optimal pool at a price the customer can afford”
team iPool
Team iPool

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