Pentair Moments: Francesca is relishing lunch at Giovanni's

woman eating at a table
woman eating at a table


Pentair Moments: Francesca is relishing lunch at Giovanni’s

We’re so lucky to have Giovanni’s, it’s a visual feast. Before we have even looked at the menu everything feels just right. Shining cutlery, sparkling glassware, crisp linen – my mouth is watering already. I am on a vegetarian health kick right now, and again they are perfection. Firm on the outside but just cooked through.
Francesca Romana, Accountant and Bon Viveur

…and Giovanni’s are lucky they chose Pentair

Water plays such a vital part in the catering business. Not just in the cooking but at almost every touch, from the first customer’s impression to cleaning up at the end of a shift. And the quality of that water makes a big difference too. It impacts the taste of your fare, your turnaround time, efficiency and ultimately your bottom line.

Francesca loves Giovanni’s. She keeps going back and tells all her friends. She is a customer they want to keep forever. So, let’s examine their magic touches and explore how water gives them the wow factor.


Keep it clean


man inspecting a glass

A great way to make the first impression is the cleanliness of your table ware. Glasses that gleam, plates that shine and spotless cutlery ­and you are on to a winner. But in a busy restaurant with dozens of covers every day or a kitchen with a small washing space, how realistic is it to maintain that quality, sitting after sitting? Your staff don’t have time to polish every utensil.


Keep it fresh


“…And a jug of tap water for the table please…”. Not every customer splashes out on premium bottled water, but they still deserve the best you can provide. No odours or odd taste. Crystal clear and spring fresh. Maybe even better than the bottled brands? These qualities are also in reach of any establishment with the right drinking water treatment such as a carbon-based filter system. Carbon filtration will remove a host of nasties – some unhealthy ­– ­ that can cause smells and tastes in mains water. Whether you are making ice, blending drinks or serving it neat, carbon filtration will keep even your most discerning customers smiling.

man pouring water


Keep it crisp


asparagus on a plate

Combi ovens and steamers are the lifeblood of a commercial kitchen. They give you versatility and predictability, at speed, and your customer the perfect taste and texture. From bread bake-off to broccoli, steam is your friend. But steam hates scale. Hard water can damage your precious equipment with scale build up and corrosion. Steam cooking is time sensitive and just a few millimetres of scale can reduce the efficiency of a steamer and increase your energy bill. It can also mean the difference between al-dente and puree. Perfect texture is good for your customers and your reputation.


If you have a moment...


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