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The documents that I'm looking for don't exist in the app. What to do?

If the documents that you are unable to find the documents that you are looking for in the app, please check our  website or get in touch with your sales rep. 

What to do if the camera cannot identify the serial number?

You can enter the serial number and the SKU manually in the app. Please make sure that you are not making any typos when entering. If it still doesn't work please contact with us.

What does a Pentair product label look like?

Pentair product labels contain serial, and part number information and are situated on products and their boxes. Please see an example below: 

pentair scan product label

How to scan and identify a product with Pentair Scan?

  1. Download Pentair Scan and open the app.
  2. Once the app is launched, click on “scan a product".
  3. ”When you see the camera view on your screen, locate the serial number label on your product and move the camera towards it. The app will recognize the serial and part number.

If you are facing any issues with the scan, you can also enter the information manually.

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