Pool Conception swims hand in hand with Pentair

pentair pool conception
pentair pool conception

Pool Conception swims hand in hand with Pentair

Vincent Palermo runs the company Pool Conception that he founded in 2009 in Vezon (Belgium). We met him at the Piscine Global 2022 fair in Lyon: an occasion to ask him for his professional opinion on Pentair products for swimming pools, especially the IntelliFlo and the IntelliPool, which he knows very well.

"I've worked with Pentair for ten years, mainly with the pumps and the IntelliPool that we know by heart. We have over 200 installations and 90% are equipped with the IntelliFlo and the IntelliPool." 

The heart of Vincent Palermo's job is to design swimming pools for his customers that are adapted to their particular usage. An activity which, naturally, he would rather focus on than doing maintenance work:

"We aren't chasing volumes, we're looking for quality. I don't have to return for any after-sales service for a Pentair pump. Of 200 pumps installed, I only had to deal with 2. I'm not interested in installing a pump for a customer and then coming back to maintain it 4 years later. Our pumps function all year because we do active wintering, but I don't have any problems. We even have an IntelliFlo pump that got submerged 3 times because of floods, and works perfectly!" 

Vincent emphasises the quality and reliability of the IntelliFlo, as well as its obvious advantages compared to competing products, for both the owner of the swimming pool and for him as a professional:

"The IntelliFlo is the best variable speed pump on the market. The price-quality ratio, the features...for me, that's the best part. The majority of competition pumps only have 3 speeds and no other pump has such a powerful scheduled programme. The IntelliFlo has 8 speeds, 8 possible scheduled programmes and years of experience in its favour. The heart of the pump, the engine, the processor, everything is top of the range. By combining it with the IntelliPool, we can harvest its potential at 200%." 

The IntelliFlo is the best variable speed pump on the market

Automation: a great advantage for customer relationships

pentair pool conception

In particular, this company leader appreciates the automated IntelliPool solution – there's a good reason why 90% of its customers are equipped with it as well. For him, it really is a product that brings plenty of advantages to both swimming pool specialists and their customers: remote monitoring, immediate contact with the customer, to save maximum time and money.

"With the IntelliPool, you can monitor everything remotely, know when the chlorine is going down, monitor the redox rate to plan any interventional work for the injector or probe. It enables us to call the customer so that they can check and resolve the problem straight away; it also prevents the need to send out a technician for nothing and bill for travel and labour that the customer could have avoided. We stay in touch with the customer and this is a major advantage." 

The future of the role of swimming pool specialist with Pentair

On the basis of his greatly positive experience with the Pentair products he installs, Vincent is ever more reliant on products from the brand to adequately face the challenges of the future and design swimming pools that are even more smart and sustainable:

"We already only worked with Pentair for variable speed pumps, and from now on, we're also only going to use Pentair for our fixed speed pump installations with WhisperFlo. 

In the current situation - water wastage, drought - we're going to try and install cartridge filters in particular. First, we're going to try the materials we have, but that seems to be what the future holds.

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