Home Water Treatment


Home water treatment

Water is never too soft

Out with the hard, in with the soft. Let Pentair water softeners put the shine back into life.
Your whole family will enjoy softer skin, silkier hair and luxurious laundry. Prevent hard water scale build-up, which is great news for your plumbing, appliances and your wallet.

Top 3 reasons to start softening your water

Improve your life by filtering water

While every home is different, who wouldn't enjoy on tap, great-tasting, odour-free water ?
Our solution suit the unique requirements of your house and remove unwanted chemicals and sediments at the point water enters your home.
This provides your family the ultimate in water quality wherever they are using it.

Top 3 reasons to start filtering your water


Why not opt for an undersink solution ?


Our under-the-sink solutions remove contaminates and makes water truly the best medicine.
Ground-breaking filtration technology uses a micro-pure membrane that has nearly six times the filtering surface area of carbon filters - that's a six-pack in one cartridge! Protect your family from harmful contaminants while saving you, and our planet, the cost of plastic bottled water.


Most popular products

Discover some of our best solutions for filtering and softening your water at home with our residential systems.


Commercial Water Softening Solutions


Water treatment systems have been designed and developped with stringent requirements of commercial and industrial users in mind. Only high quality components are used in ProFlow systems to offer efficient, reliable solutions that protect your appliances and help reduce your running costs.


Commercial Water Filtration Solutions


Our professional filtration systems are ideal for demanding water treatments in professional environments.
We propose leading edge solutions featuring ultrafiltration as well as R0 systems. Those are key in removing high TDS as well as micro-organisms such as bacterias, viruses and cyst.


Who we are

Smart, sustainable solutions


Pentair makes the most of life's essential resources, from great tasting water straight from the kitchen faucet, to industrial water management and everywhere in between. We deliver solutions that help people move, improve and enjoy water, and sustainable applications that help ensure the health of the world.

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