Commercial Water Softening

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Commercial Water Softening

Commercial Water Softening Solutions

Water treatment systems have been designed and developped with stringent requirements of commercial and industrial users in mind. Only high quality components are used in ProFlow systems to offer efficient, reliable solutions that protect your appliances and help reduce your running costs.

Water softening

Water softener systems are a simple and reliable solution for removing mineral salts from water, eliminating the limescale deposits that block pipes, make linen rough and damage household appliances. A softener system is an apparatus which, by means of a resin, causes particles of magnesium and calcium in the water to be exchanged for sodium. By doing so, the softener system provides the entire home with soft water which, contrary to popular belief, is perfectly drinkable and does not taste salty.


Installing a softener system is a lasting solution that can work for many years, as long as it is serviced once a year by a specialist.

How to soften your water?

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Whatever you need, Pentair can provide you with a solution to soften your water. Discover our solutions below and enjoy all the benefits of a softened water.


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