Regulatory compliance is a priceless part of the Pentair package

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Regulatory compliance is a priceless part of the Pentair package 

Pentair components and systems achieve European stamp of approval 

Next time you purchase a new water valve, or install a new water softener, or maybe specify a new water tank, stop for a moment and take a closer look at the supporting documentation. Not the commercial paperwork or product manuals, but the part that is often ignored: the declarations of compliance and conformity.

Not the most exciting read is it? And the reason it usually disregarded is that it is something that consumers take for granted. However, behind that long list of certificates, attestations and declarations lies a huge international machine designed to ensure the safety, quality and compliance of the products you buy, sell and install.  Those certifications are important with good reason. So, if you are in any way trading in European Water Treatment components, read on …


Drinking water safety matters to us all

The European Drinking Water Directive and the many associated EU member state regulations matter to us all.  They matter to your customers who want the assurance that their water will be cleaner, safer and free from contamination. They matter to you as an industry professional, since the financial and reputational damage arising from non-compliance could be astronomical. And they matter to us at Pentair. As a European-based manufacturer, we provide the certification required by EU and local regulations, to place our products in the market. It is why we invest hundreds of thousands of Euros every year in maintaining European regulatory certification for our vast product range.

Marco Simone, Global Regulatory Manager at Pentair, explained the work of his team, what it means for Pentair customers, and recapped some of the recent approvals for Pentair products.


Choosing Pentair in Europe provides that extra layer of confidence

“We take nothing more seriously than the safety and hygiene of drinking water,” says Marco. “At Pentair Europe, we are part of a chain that shares that responsibility. European Governments put Directives and Regulations in place, and it is our job to ensure that the materials we use comply with them. By doing so we can assure our European customers that our products meet legal requirements. 

“With that responsibility comes accountability. It is worth remembering that by being based in Europe, the material Pentair use should meet the requirements of local regulations. If you are buying from Pentair Europe, it is an added level of confidence, whereas if you are importing from outside the EU you don’t necessarily have the same control, and the risk lies with you, the importer.

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Regional differences keep us on our toes 

“Directives and Regulations are constantly evolving, as are our products, so our regulatory compliance programme never stops. The EU Drinking Water Directive (DWD) is one of the major pieces of legislation that governs our industry. To make things more complex, different member states overlay their own national laws on top of the DWD. The UBA (German Environmental Agency) has a particularly high bar for products and materials that come into contact with drinking water. We have just received its Attestation of Conformity for our Structural tanks, and for the materials in our Fleck 5600 and 5800 valves which power our Foleo and Evolio water softeners.”

“Meanwhile, after the United Kingdom left the European Union, it adopted a new conformity mark, applicable to Pentair tanks and valves, which has been keeping us busy. Those products now also have the new UKCA mark, in addition to being still CE certified and validated by external laboratories to help achieve the desired level of compliance.”

“Our renewals work continues apace. In Europe we have around 2000 products certified for residential and commercial use, with about 10% of those coming up for renewal each year. Last year alone we received numerous renewals of Sanitary Compliance Certificates (Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire) in France, including several for specific Fleck valves and Structural tanks.

“In many instances a certificate from an official Regulatory Authority is not mandatory, so a manufacturer can issue a self-declaration of conformity. However, Pentair prefers to go above and beyond wherever possible. For example, in Italy, where we voluntarily choose to be independently audited and certified by a third party laboratory to help achieve our compliance with its D.M.174 drinking water regulation.”


Extra layer of confidence is priceless

It is often said, “You pay your money and take your chance”. When you are next sourcing water components and spot an attractive price from a low-cost provider take a moment to consider the wider picture, not least any claims that are made about its testing and certification. Would they stand up in a European court? Then take another look at the assurances that come with Pentair products, made in Europe for Europe, and remember that regulatory compliance is all part of the Pentair package. It is an extra layer of confidence that is priceless. 

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