Pentair Regulatory Compliance: Making the ordinary extraordinary


Pentair Regulatory Compliance: Making the ordinary extraordinary



If we told you that three of our valves had just had their safety certificates renewed, we would forgive you for being indifferent.  “After all,” you may ask, “isn’t that what we would expect from a responsible manufacturer?” And of course, you would be right.

But that would be to overlook the mountain that has been climbed every time a Pentair product receives its certification, in one of the most heavily regulated industries and regions in the world. And we would not want it any other way. Across Europe, it means we, and our drinking water, are safe. Yet no one should take for granted what lies behind the successful certification of Pentair components. We certainly don’t.

How Pentair Autotrol valves achieved ACS certification renewal

“Product certification is a rolling programme that never stops,” says Marco Simone, Global Regulatory Manager at Pentair Europe.

“We have recently received renewal of Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire (ACS) certification for our Autotrol valves. ACS is required by the French Health Ministry for any products that come into contact with drinking water. There are equivalent regulatory bodies in most European countries who require compliance with stringent regulations before a product can be sold in their country.”

For Pentair, this means ensuring that there is a valid certificate for each product in every market where it is sold.  That’s no small task as there are hundreds of products in the catalogue and many regions in which Pentair operate.

“Certificates are typically valid for five years, so we start planning about one year before they expire,” continues Marco. “The whole operation requires meticulous record keeping when dealing with such a big portfolio. Certification is outsourced by the regulator to an accredited laboratory in-country, so we need to engage with them first. Thankfully Pentair has a superb reputation with the labs so we rarely encounter issues. That said, our products still need to meet the standard to pass.”

Drinking water safety is a priority for responsible manufacturers. By choosing Pentair, you already have the confidence that we meet the highest safety quality. That confidence is backed by our regulatory compliance and why it’s water industries across Europe insist on Pentair.

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