Pentair NXT2 at Wycombe Water

NXT2 Wycombe
NXT2 Wycombe

Pentair NXT2 at Wycombe Water

New features of the Pentair NXT2 controller provide more configuration options, peace-of-mind and cost-savings for customers of Wycombe Water. Its advanced networking offers multiple configuration options for water treatment systems that can increase overall capacity, provide maximum failover security and reduce overheads when designing or upgrading systems. Wycombe Water, a leading UK water treatment expert started deploying NXT2 in 2021 and has seen significant benefits over comparable products.

NXT2 is a great product and a great fit for our customers. It has a lot of benefits over the competition.
Steven Sweet, Directeur général de Wycombe Water

New Controller. New possibilities.

The Pentair Fleck NXT2 advanced system network controller, builds on a long pedigree of timers and is compatible with Fleck commercial and industrial valves. The NXT2 can control between two and now up to eight valves – twice that of its predecessor. That offers a whole new range of possibilities to duplex and multiplex system builders looking to increase flow rate or back up options, without dramatically increasing cost. In addition, the NXT2 features a highly intuitive user interface providing remote input, multilingual on-screen support, error log history and daily water usage.

The NXT2 features a highly intuitive user interface

NXT2 – a great fit for Wycombe Water.

Wycombe Water is one of the UK’s premier suppliers of water treatment components and systems. Managing Director, Steven Sweet sees NXT2 an important part of its customer offer. “For over 20 years, our customers have come to us for our experience and knowledge. They trust us with their business, so we need to offer the best tools on the market and NXT2 fits that profile.” 

“For our customers, a standard requirement is a guaranteed, uninterrupted supply of treated water. These days, for most of our larger installations, we specify duplex or multiplex systems for the additional capacity and the inbuilt redundancy they provide. Historically some systems have three or four tanks and valves, working together, for maximum productivity. The beauty of the NXT2 is that system capacity can now be easily expanded with more tanks, up to eight units, all synchronised and talking to each other.” 

The beauty of the NXT2 is that system capacity can now be easily expanded with up to eight tanks – all synchronised.

NXT2 – ­increased capacity with lower cost.

“Whether it’s a new installation or an upgrade, that is a significant benefit,” added Steven.  “For example, the potential to double system capacity, without the need for larger tanks or more water meters, offers a considerable saving – large tanks are exponentially expensive and they don’t always fit where you need them!”

multiplex systems
NXT2 is perfect for high-dependency multiplex systems

“The NXT2 is a great innovation for us,” continues Steven. “Apart from the increased capacity, we and our customers have found on-screen programming very intuitive. We can either pre-programme these controllers before they leave us or they can be configured on site. Multiple language menus and the ability to display a bespoke installer name or service telephone number are really useful features too.”

NXT2 where failure is not an option.

A rapidly growing market for Wycombe Water is Data Centres, which have an insatiable thirst for cooling on an industrial scale, with the continuous supply of pure, softened water that demands.

“Where treated water is needed 24/7 and failure is not an option NXT2 offer the best peace of mind.”

“Data Centres are where the NXT2 controller is coming into its own,” explains Steven. “They are high-dependency sites where customers need systems to deliver maximum productivity, total efficiency and 100% security of supply. The connectivity between the NXT2 controllers gives our customers the flexibility to configure their system to the optimum and, should any component fail, the controllers can be reconfigured to ensure an uninterrupted supply. The NXT2 network steps in, flags an alarm to the fault and the supply is not compromised.”

“The same requirements apply to many of our markets, healthcare, micro-electronics and pharmaceutical to name a few. Where treated water is needed 24/7, and failure is not an option, a system built with NXT2 controllers offers the best peace of mind.”



About Wycombe Water

Wycombe Water is one of the leading suppliers of water treatment components and products in the UK. With over 20 years of specialist experience in the market, the company provides advice and technical back-up for a wide range of products from leading manufacturers. Wycombe Water is the largest supplier of Pentair products to OEMs, Plant Assemblers and Service Providers. It distributes Fleck and Siata Multiport valves and accessories, Multifunction Controllers, Composite Pressure Vessels, Resins, Media and Brine Tanks. It also offers a wide range of complete systems such as Reverse Osmosis Units, Ultra Filtration, Ultraviolet and Electro-deionisation as well as Softeners, Filters, and Deionisers. Wycombe Water is part of the Pollet Water Group, worldwide water specialists, offering products, solutions and brands for the home market, hospitality, commercial buildings and industry. 


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