Conserv S


Conserv S

Conserv S

Everpure Conserv 75S High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System designed for combi-ovens and small steamers combines true corrosion and scale protection in one solution. This compact system combines a carbon filter scale inhibitor calcite feeder carbon post filter and blending to create the right balance of minerals to prevent both corrosion and scale formation differentiating itself from conventional RO systems. It is a reliable simple to install and easy to operate solution that helps end users meet equipment manufacturer's water specification requirements reduces warranty claims increases equipment life and customer satisfaction.


Part numbers: EV997601


Description codes: Conserv 75 S


Technical characteristics

  • Daily production rate
    • 190

Features & Benefits

  • Compact all-in-one solution
    Easy to install even in small spaces
  • Multiple stage filtration
    Perfect balance to prevent both corrosion and scale formation
  • Onboard storage tank
    Ensure operation continuity

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