Changes on Fleck 1600 brine valves


Changes on Fleck 1600 brine valves


Dear customer,

As recently informed, we are working on a daily basis to mitigate supply disruption caused by the many global commodities and logistics challenges the whole industry has been facing since many months. We continue to search for alternative sources and different configurations, in order to minimize the risk of interrupting our deliveries as much as possible.

Despite our efforts we are now out of stock of our Standard Inox Retaining Ring ref. 11981-01 used on our 1600 brine valves and are looking for a solution until our supplier can deliver parts again.

For the time being, we are unable to advise how long this situation will last.

Our operation team has been working on a mitigation plan to test and validate a new acceptable solution, which is entirely replacing the missing part from a fit, form and function point of view.

To that extent, from mid-September, all deliveries of 1600 brine valves include a new, temporary copper retaining ring.

As shown below, this new temporary retaining ring can be easily recognizable by its color as it is in copper instead of stainless steel.

Current version: Stainless steel


Temporary version: Copper



In parallel, we are working closely with our current European supplier to understand when they will be able to deliver parts again and if other preventive measures need to be anticipated.  

We thank you for your continued patience and loyalty while we are all facing these unpredictable situations. If you have any further questions, please contact your Area Sales Manager directly.

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