Pentair FloPlus Series


Pentair FloPlus Series

Pentair FloPlus Series

FloPlus Series boast extremely low pressure drops and high flow rates – comparable to 10-micron (very open) carbon cartridges. They are an ideal choice for applications where pressure drop and low flow have been chronic problems in the past, as well as whole house water treatment with the addition of small particle reduction.

Technical characteristics

  • Chlorine retention capacity (Lx1000)
    • 19-76
    • 152-190
    Length (inches)
    • 10
    • 20
    • 10BB
    • 20BB
    Micron rating (microns)
    • 0.5
    • Fibredyne

Features & Benefits

  • Nominal 0.5 micron rating
    99.95% reduction of Cryptosporidium & Giardia cysts
  • Enhanced Fibredyne's technology
    High flow rates and low pressure drop - similar to a nominal 10-micron cartridge!
  • True depth filtration
    Greatest life of any cyst-capable carbon cartridge

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