Autotrol Performa 263/268 Easy-iQ


Autotrol Performa 263/268 Easy-iQ

Autotrol Performa 263/268 Easy-iQ

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The Autotrol Performa 263/268 is a non-corrosive, UV-resistant valve with fiber-reinforced polymer valve body for superior strength and durability. Designed with double backwash for reduced hardness leakage, its capabilities accommodate softener tanks up to 14" and filter up to 24" in diameter (263). Moreover, a time-tested duraflow flapper provides a frictionless sealing for longer service life.

The Autotrol performa 263/268 is now fitted with a brand new Autotrol Easy-iQ controller! Standing out for its simplicity, this controller features a customizable multi-lingual colour display and intuitive programming menus dedicated to homeowners, installers and OEMs. It is also equipped with a USB-C port for easy software updates on the field and a particularly useful vacation mode pausing all operation when there’s no one at home.

Technical characteristics

  • Backwash flow (m³/h)
    • 4.5
    Inlet / Outlet (inches)
    • 3/4
    • 1
    Service flow (m³/h)
    • 5.7
    Tank size (inches)
    • 8
    • 9
    • 10
    • 12
    • 14
    • 16
    • 18
    • 21

Features & Benefits

  • Filter/Softener setting in one controller
    High versatility of the valve
  • Corrosion-proof construction
    Longer product life
  • Retro illuminated, multilingual graphic display and quick start-up menu
    Fast and simple programming
  • Various programming menus including modules for users, installers and OEMs specifically
    Safe and fast access to the exact set of menus
  • Pre-programmed, modifiable parameters
    Simplified step-by-step programming with customizable parameters (regen cycle times etc…)
  • USB-C port makes programing upload or software updates possible in the field
    The valve is constantly kept at its best performance
  • Dealer contact information display
    Facilitates communication with homeowner
  • New vacation mode
    Prevents bacterial proliferation during no water usage periods
  • Retrofitting capabilities with Logix model with quick-start-up menu and minimal programming needed
    Quick upgrading of existing model base

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