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Product trainings


Pentair products are technical and require a particular knowledge and skills when it comes to handle them.


We strive to do the maximum to simplify their use with tools such as installation manuals, technical sheets and brochures. However, nothing beats the face-to-face contact (when allowed and with all safety protocols in place) when it comes to explain the product features and concretely show how it operates. That is exactly the scope of the product trainings organized by our technical support team.


Those trainings are also there to share some practical hints to solve the daily challenges that professionals can encounter.


Finally they are a priceless source of information that allows us to understand the real needs of our customers and take note of their remarks about the improvement of our products and services.




Possible locations:

  • Remote
  • Your office
  • Pentair Lugnano plant (mostly suitable for valves trainings)
  • Pentair Herentals plant (mostly suitable for Filtration/Tanks & Systems trainings)
  • Number of participants: 15 maximum
  • Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, German and Russian
  • Provision of technical certificate at the end of the training (on demand)

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