Pentair 4-stage RO Bundle Kit


Pentair 4-stage RO Bundle Kit

Pentair 4-stage RO Bundle Kit

  • Obsolete

This bundle kit is a set of 4 essential components, used in 4-stage RO systems. One kit contains: 1 box of sediment cartridges P5, 2 boxes of carbon block cartridges EPM10 and inline cartridges GS-10RO and 1 box of Pentair RO membranes TLC-50. The unique part number simplifies the ordering process, allowing to save up to 13% on the price compared to buying the components individually. PURCHASE COMPONENTS SEPARATELY

Technical characteristics

  • Type of cartridges
    • Carbon
    • Inline
    • Membrane
    • Sediment

Features & Benefits

  • Sediment Cartridge P5
    100% pure polypropylene - true gradient density from outer to inner surfaces
  • Pentair Reverse Osmosis Membrane
    100% dry membrane maximizing shelf life. High rejection stability at high input TDS
  • Carbon Block Cartridge EPM10 and Inline Cartridge GS-10RO
    Bad/chlorine taste & odor reduction. Enhanced dirt holding capacity for the cartridge life extension

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